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The Open-air Museum

The Museum of Folk Architecture



Šarišské múzeum
086 31  Bardejovské Kúpele
Tel.: 00421-54-472 2072


The Wooden Church from the village of Mikulasova



The view of The Open-air Museum

The map of The Open-air Museum



The open-air museum is the oldest facility of its kind in Slovakia. It was open to public in 1965. On an area of 1.5 hectares, arranged like a park and garden, there are 24 exhibited buildings, which present the folk culture and the construction of two ethnic groups, Slovaks and Rusyns, living in the regions of Upper Šariš and Northern Zemplín. They come from the 19th and 20th centuries and they typologically belong to wooden constructions of the Carpathian type. There are four types of buildings:

a/ Residential timber houses and their most common variants:

  • House of poor peasant from the village of Frička, built in 1887

  • House of poor peasant from Hrabová Roztoka, built in 1896

  • House of middle peasant from Petrová, built in 1896

  • Residential building of small peasant from Maľcov, built in 1899

  • House of peasant from Kračúnovce, built at the end of 19th century



b/ Various agricultural constructions

  • Barns and graineries (from locations of Petrovo, Kračúnovce, Maľcov, and Andrejová)

  • Barns (from Hankovce and Tarbaj)

  • Well

  • Blacksmith's workshop from Abrahámovce from 30s of 20th century

  • Fruit drying room

  • Pigsty from Veľkrop

  • Beehouse with wooden beehives; the oldest beehive in Slovakia from 1691



c/ Technical constructions

  • Unique drilling equipment for the manufacture of wooden (mostly pine wood) water pipes; water driven; from Bardejov; part from 18th century and part from 1932; reconstructed in 1963

  • Technical equipment for domestic production of fabric - 'valkha' from Livov (used for processing woolen fibres into thick fabric); part from 1888, part from 1948



d/ Sacral buildings:

  • Belfry with gate from Nižný Orlík, built in 1763

  • Belfry from Nemcovce


The buildings are furnished and equipped with tools from the time when they were built. Outside the open-air museum there is a wooden church from Mikulášová, built in 1730, moved to Bardejovské Kúpele in 1931, and currently managed by the Šariš Museum.

The most precious exhibits:

  • Unique water-powered drilling equipment for the manufacture of water pipes from 18th century

  • Technical equipment for home production of fabric - 'valkha' from Livov, made in 1888, part in 1948

Opening hours and Admission Fee


- Tuesday - Sunday:  open

- Mondays: open only for groups booked in advance

- Bank Holidays - Summer Tourist Season (May - September): open

- Bank Holidays – Off The Season (October - April): closed

Summer Tourist Season (1. 5. - 30. 9.): Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 am - 12.30 am, 13.00 pm - 18.00 pm

Last entry to the exposition is 30 minutes before the closing time.

Off The Season (1. 10. - 30. 4.): Tuesday - Sunday: 9.30 am - 12.30 am, 13.00 pm - 15.00 pm

For groups of visitors who anticipated the vision of The Open-air Museum in advance we can open up exposition from 8.00 am  to 10.00 pm.


Admission Fee


Basic Fee


Reduced Fee (Pensioners, Students)

  2,00 €    



Fee for families (Two adults – basic fee + 1 – 4 children under 15 years – free entry)

  8,00 €

Unified Basic Fee (For The Expositions of Folk Lore and The Open-air Museum)                                                

        7,00 €

Unified Basic Fee (For The Historical Exposition, The Exposition of Icons and The Exosition of Natural Scienes)

      10,00 €



Amateur Photo and Video (for Non-Commercial Purpose)


Wedding Photo


       Photo and video  (for Commercial Purpose):      40,00     














Information system:

Standard lecturing services in Slovak (40 minutes).


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